What are the most addictive drugs?

Healthier Weight

Improved Sleep

Alcohol abuse and poor sleep are closely linked. This is because alcohol…

Acreage Mowing Professionals, Mowerks

Dodge Those Expensive Repairs

The biggest responsibility that comes…

James Blake, Founder CEO Vindicta Digital by Gary Vela

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels — by Web Daytona

by Gary Vela, Web Daytona CEO — Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

1. Make sure everyone is in the right position

Having someone unprepared in a key position is as catastrophic as having someone very skilled doing too simple tasks. If you notice that someone has initiative and is able to perform important tasks, do not bore…

by Gary Vela at Web Daytona — Photo by Jopwell x PGA from Pexels

Gary Vela, Web Daytona

Orlando SEO Consulting Agency — Photo by Artem Bali from

Gary Vela

Peruvian-American entrepreneur and Internet marketing specialist. Founder of leading Florida Digital Marketing Agency, https://webdaytona.com

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