No Visibility, No Dinero.

One of the main concerns of any business is to be visible enough to attract new customers. In a market saturated with brands, messages and products it is essential to know how to carve out a space and stand out.

There is an easy yet very expensive way to become visible: advertising. With the right budget, one can become as visible as money allows. Another question would be if whether that investment is profitable or not. If one hopes to use ads effectively, one should comply with the advice I propose in this article.

If you’re reading this article, it’s because you have a business and you are looking for more focus more on you; or, you may be interested in the subject, I hope that you can contribute your thoughts in the comments at the end of the page. As with most articles I write, everything I explain here is based on my experience. So, if you are going to put it into practice, look to adapt it to the characteristics of the business in question.

1. Highlights

To start, your business must have a brand. A name and logo that facilitates its recognition among the public. I understand that you already have it, so I don’t stop there.

Make your brand relevant, so it finds that peculiarity that makes it connect with the audience you are addressing. That peculiar factor should not have your competition. The correct thing to do is to analyze and know your audience, what customs and attitudes they have about life. If you understand it, you’ll know how to get their attention.

Let’s see if you know your audience. Would you know how to answer these questions?

  1. How are you targeting your audience?
  2. What do you like to do in your free time?
  3. What are the traits that unite your potential customers?
  4. What type of audience is for your product or service?
  5. What emotions does your brand transmit?

If after answering all the questions, you see that you are offering the product or service that your audience wants, I congratulate you because you have focused the business well. Instead, if not, stop for as long as you need to reflect and refocus your brand.

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You may feel that any type of business has two main purposes: on the one hand, to make money and, on the other, to solve the needs of the target audience. Watch carefully how you can meet those needs and you will get noticed.

For example, with the trend towards healthy products, many brands have released a light range to satisfy the extra careful public or base their product on transmitting safety and protection to their customers.

2. Deferred

Related to the previous point, to stand out and create notoriety, your differential factor with respect to the competition is essential. One of the keys to the visibility of a brand or business is that it is different from the rest.

Currently, the market is unifying the products that end up resembling each other too much. If there is no difference between brands, the public will end up basing their purchase on the price. And that is the worst thing that can happen.

There are many factors that can help you to distance yourself from the competition. Here are some:

  • The product can offer an additional feature to what it already has. With that, you will be able to make it “unique in the market”.
  • The quality of the service can be another differentiation. Thus, customer service and reaction to a problem tend to be differential services between competing companies in the same sector.
  • The price can also be a key factor to differentiate from the competition. Without going any further, ‘low cost’ fashion marked as a before and after.
  • The way in which you distribute a brand, products or services can be a good way to differentiate yourself. Currently, the public is asking for a quick and effective method of distribution.
  • The values ​​and benefits that the brand brings to people and the planet, is another way of positioning in a sector. Currently, the commitment of a business with its environment is well received by the public.

Here I have listed five factors to differentiate you from the competition. However, there are many others that can serve you, such as packaging, R&D, the history of the company, exclusivity, sustainability, etc …

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The best thing is that you differentiate yourself with one of these factors. If you see it complicated, you can choose two or more elements to distance yourself from the competition. Take a good look and analyze it. One way to do that is by analyzing their slogans. Many brands use the slogan to highlight their difference in the market.

3. Be Creative

When communicating, be creative. Say or do things differently, without causing your audience’s rejection, of course. Using creativity you will be able to awaken the attention and interest of the people you are addressing. If you get them to talk about it, you have succeeded.

Good creativity in a brochure, presentation or announcement implies that it will be remembered and, therefore, the message will effectively permeate. Remember that part of the message should be the highlight and differential of your business compared to the competition.

You can be creative in the visual or in the style. An example of visual creativity are the corporate elements of paper, such as business cards, and product paperwork. Or, if you decide to advertise, get the breaks with the usual and surprise. Some advertisers recommend using techniques for this, such as humor or emotion.

If you are creative in these ways you will also get the attention of the public and excite them. Here we could include Street Marketing actions or specific events to present a product or promote any service. If you are going to present a new collection of clothes, don’t do a conventional parade, take a chance and choose an unthinkable place with amazing staging.

Nowadays, communicating actions are aimed at connecting with people. For this, the strategy goes through a visibility based on the background and the form. Only with the appearance is it very difficult to achieve it. Therefore, this article goes beyond the packaging and the visual. At this point, everything I tell you is useful to reflect and act in your business, I am satisfied.

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